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Inflammation: from bench to bedside

Guest editors: Dulce Aparecida Barbosa and Renato Monteiro
Inflammation: from bench to bedside

Image copyright by Samira Benadda/Centre de Recherche sur l'Inflammation (CRI)


Call for papers in the Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases


Edited by Dulce Aparecida Barbosa and Renato Monteiro


Inflammation is a natural reaction of living organisms triggered by some types of infection, intoxication or tissue damage of any kind. Its main function is to eliminate the offending agent and repair the tissue damage. There are at least three types of inflammation, namely: noninfectious, infectious and toxic. The former is usually caused by acute trauma such as burns or blows. Infectious inflammation is triggered by microorganisms, from viruses to protozoa. Toxic forms are mainly caused by venomous animals, ingestion of toxic products or inhalation of chemicals. Inflammation presents characteristic signs and symptoms, namely pain, flushing, heat, edema and even loss of function.

Bench to bedside research characterizes translational approaches that are supported by the main pillars: laboratory research, translating its findings to patient care, and extending these consolidated innovations to the community.

Given the importance and breadth of the inflammation themes and the gap between basic research and the translation of its findings to patient care, the present thematic series aims to contextualize these findings to foster their transfer from the labs for the benefit of patients and, in near future, to extend to the community. Thus, the objective of this series is to provide researchers of translational health-oriented science with the opportunity to disseminate their works that contribute to the development of science, both in preclinical and clinical areas.

The proposed deadline for submissions to this thematic series is October 15, 2020*.
(*Due to the coronavirus pandemic JVATiTD has extended the deadline for submissions to December 15, 2020)

Manuscripts should be formatted according to our submission guidelines and submitted via the online submission system. Please also indicate clearly in the covering letter that the manuscript is to be considered for the “Inflammation: from bench to bedside” series.

If you would like to enquiry about the suitability of a manuscript for consideration, please email a pre-submission enquiry to editorial.jvatitd@unesp.br.